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About Us

Who We are

Telserve Networks was founded in Lagos Nigeria in 2010, we’re primarily focused on the delivery of end to end telecommunications Solution through provision of dependable and fast internet service with standard broadband network capacity. We have been rendering quality internet services to our teeming customers through innovative, customer friendly and customized solutions to suit our customer’s needs. Our mission is to bring unlimited, uninterrupted fiber optic internet network to homes and businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

TELSERVE NETWORKS defines its social responsibility as a "voluntary and strategic commitment that entails attempting to achieve business targets while complying strictly with its legal and contractual obligations, applying criteria of equity and stability to relationships with its stakeholders and communities, thus contributing to meeting the current and future needs of society" Telserve Networks has, since its inception, seen itself as a responsible corporate citizen ready to give back to the society and has been contributing in activities, which promote various social and charitable objectives. Telserve Networks is committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to guide our local strategy as well as future international growth. We believe that the financial, non-financial performance creates value that extends beyond its own operations The Telserve Networks CSR Charter is supported 100% by the Board of Directors, Management, and by all employees, it establishes a common framework to ensure respect for human rights, labour rights, environment, business ethics, and local communities in which Telserve Networks operates.


TELSERVE NETWORKS is committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the community in which we conduct our business. It is our policy to seek continual improvement throughout our business operations to lessen our impact on the local and global environment by conserving energy, water and other natural resources; reducing waste generation; recycling and; reducing our use of toxic materials. We are committed to environmental excellence and pollution prevention, meeting or exceeding all environmental regulatory requirements, and to purchasing products which have greater recycled content with lower toxicity and packaging, that reduce the use of natural resources.


TELSERVE NETWORK seeks at all times to use the professional knowledge and skills inherent in the system to help people make the most of their own abilities and empower them to be the best they can be. We want to assist people in solving their own problems as well as empowering them to develop skills so that they can do it to improve themselves.


TELSERVE NETWORKS professional conduct is geared towards improving the economic development of all stakeholders and communities we operate in. We grow the business potential of individuals and organisations by providing them with the tools to develop their capacity and become more efficient and effective in service delivery.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

       At Telserve Networks, we recognize the importance of the Health and Safety of persons and property, directly or indirectly involved in our business operations, and the environment in which we operate. Human Resources are our greatest assets. It is therefore our policy, to safeguard all persons, property and Environment connected with our operations.

       Year to year we continue to maintain a zero-accident record by enacting strict policies to safeguard our staff and members of communities where they work. HSE principles are the cornerstone of Telserve culture that addresses issues such as accountability, training, communication, resources, engineering design, performance Measurement, and sustainable development. Therefore, as a key strategy, Management continues to:

  1. Take a proactive approach towards creating safe work environment for all employees and will be accountable for promoting continued safety education and training for all employees, assigning responsibility for all aspects of program, continuously reviewing the program to identify potential areas of improvement, and ensuring a thorough evaluation of all incidents.
  2. Address the environmental and health impact of our operations by reducing waste, emissions, and discharges and by using energy efficiently.
  3. Demonstrate good citizenship in every community in which we operate.

Corporate Governance & Management Profile

Corporate Governance

At Telserve Networks, we recognize that sound corporate governance is achieved only by constant review and adaptation of its structures, process and policies to take into account not only internal group developments but also accommodate externally recognized standards of best practices as they evolve. The policies and procedures adopted by Telserve Networks are designed not merely to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, but also to maximize sustainable returns, to provide all stakeholders with the assurance that the group’s businesses are being managed appropriately and to safeguard the people, assets and reputation of the company and its valued clients

corporate governance

Management Profile

Under the direction of technically sound and administratively competent management team, the company continuously strives to maintain its leadership position by adopting modern Enterprise Content Management systems and approaches. This group of goal-oriented, results-driven managers guides the company in its management and operational drive for growth and success.

corporate governance

Quality Policy Statement

We will continuously strive to delight our customers with outstanding quality of our products and services. In our endeavour to achieve this objective, we will; create and nurture people of quality by continuous education and training. Maintain & improve standards of service delivery. In keeping with Telserve’s commitment to principles of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, the following three phrases epitomize our company’s Mission and Quality Policy:

Company-Wide Commitment to Satisfied Customers
Qualified Employees Delivering Superior Service in a Healthful Environment
Process Improvement at all Levels of the Organization

Meet The Team

Aje Babatunde
He is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Cisco Certified Network Association (CCNA), and Alvarion certified microwave Engineer. He is a professionally competent Communications and Wireless Transm...
Aje Babatunde

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sikiru Adebayo
He is Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Cisco Certified Network Association (CCNA), and Alvarion certified microwave Engineer. He is a professionally competent Communications expert ...
Mr. Sikiru Adebayo


Darren Spencer
Darren carries a wealth of experience with 25 years of development and implementation of infrastructure projects, primarily in Africa. A seasoned C-level executive, in the Defence, Air Traffic C...
Darren Spencer


Akpojaro Michael
He holds a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), and Cisco Certified Network Association (CCNA) certificate, he has garnered professional experience from companies like Ericson telnet and Motorola h...
Akpojaro Michael


Abbas Babatunde
He is experienced in Communications and Wireless Transmission Systems, Design, Implementation, Maintenance. He is a Harris certified Transmission Engineer, WavionCertified Installer and AlvarionCertif...
Abbas Babatunde


Adewunmi Omobola
Bola is responsible for the company’s overall financial strategy and banking relationship. A very meticulous & reliable Administrator, she is a graduate with B.Sc in Accounting. She has over ten years...
Adewunmi Omobola


Taofeek Azeez
He is a professional in Communications and Wireless Transmission Systems, Implementation, Maintenance and RF Planning. He is a very competent and versatile with the installation of various Microwave T...
Taofeek Azeez


Tolulope Olubukonla Bajulaiye
Tolu is a driven Marketing Executive with great passion for developing solutions that demonstrate Telserve’s capacity to deliver quality products and services to customers in a way that surpasses thei...
Tolulope Olubukonla Bajulaiye


Ope Omotosho
Opeyemi is a talented Customer Success Executive at Telserve. A graduate of Political Science, She is tasked with building rapport & monitoring workflows that keep customers in sync with Telserve inno...
Ope Omotosho


Olumuyiwa Adesina
He is the head of the program management team. He has had vast experience and accumulated diverse knowledge in the field of project management with deep interest in research and corporate strategy. He...
Olumuyiwa Adesina